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Las 10 mejores fundas protectoras para iPhone 12 y 12 Pro que puedes comprar

Las 10 mejores fundas protectoras para iPhone 12 y 12 Pro que puedes comprar

¡Seamos sinceros! No a todo el mundo le gusta un estuche completo, ciertamente no a los que les encanta exhibir sus iPhones. Sin embargo, incluso una persona sin estuche acérrimo quiere ofrecer el escudo necesario para su teléfono inteligente contra caídas y rasguños accidentales. Y eso es exactamente lo que hace que las fundas protectoras sean una opción popular para aquellos que buscan una forma elegante de proteger el iPhone. Si eres uno de ellos, estas 10 mejores fundas Bumper para iPhone 12 y 12 Pro pueden conquistarte.

Las mejores fundas protectoras para iPhone 12 que puedes comprar

Lo primero es lo primero, no todas las fundas parachoques están diseñadas para el mismo propósito. Mientras que algunos trajes protectores solo tienen un marco compacto (menos el panel posterior), otros ostentan una parte posterior transparente para que el iPhone brille y también ofrecen un poco más de protección.

Eso no es todo, algunos protectores de pantalla vienen con protectores de pantalla incorporados para aumentar la protección contra daños accidentales. Por lo tanto, no se deje llevar por la idea errónea de que todas las fundas de parachoques no tienen nada más que un marco.

Vale la pena señalar que también hemos cubierto las mejores fundas de cuero para el iPhone 12, los accesorios MagSafe para el iPhone 12 Pro y otros accesorios esenciales que debe obtener para el iPhone 12 Pro. Entonces, échales un vistazo si quieres explorar más accesorios para tu dispositivo. Dicho esto, ¡entremos en la línea de las mejores fundas protectoras diseñadas para iPhone 12/12 Pro!

1. Protección contra choques RhinoShield

Cuando se trata de producir fundas protectoras de primer nivel, RhinoShield ha sido durante mucho tiempo un nombre conocido. Por lo tanto, es apropiado comenzar este resumen con RhinoShield CrashGuard que ha marcado todas las casillas para afirmar que es una de las mejores fundas protectoras para iPhone 12 y 12 Pro.

Boasting rugged construction, the bumper case can endure up to 11 feet drops. Thanks to the honeycomb structure, it can absorb shock with ease. Plus, there are also raised bezels to lift the screen off the flat surface to prevent scratches.

What’s more, CrashGuard also offers an enhanced grip and supports the MagSafe charger as well as other wireless chargers to let you power up your iPhone without any issues.

Buy from Amazon: $24.99

2. Ringke Fusion

Sporting a clear design, Ringke Fusion lets you flaunt your smartphone in all its glory without endangering the protection factor. Made of rugged PC and soft TPU material, the bumper case has got the cushion to fight out bumps. Not just that, it’s also equally good in terms of providing the needed grip.

Ringke Fusion Compatible with iPhone 12 Case, Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Case

That aside, Ringke Fusion has precise cutouts to offer comfortable access to all the ports. As for the pronounced, you can trust them to offer better clicks. On top of all, it’s priced at just $9 which makes it one of the cheapest iPhone 12/12 Pro bumper cases in the market right now.

Buy from Amazon: $8.99

3. ESR Silicone Bumper Case

Another bumper case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro that you should check out is the silicone bumper case from ESR. It comes with a raised-lip design to protect the front and back of your iPhone from getting scratched up. Moreover, the bumper provides additional shock-absorption, in case you drop your iPhone or bump it anywhere.

esr bumper case iPhone 12 pro

True to the bumper case design philosophy, the case has a backless design, which is great to show off your iPhone’s look, as well as to ensure that it remains cool and doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Buy from Amazon: $15.99

4. Eastcoo

If you’re looking for a slightly fancier bumper case for your iPhone 12/12 Pro, Eastcoo has one that might suit your fancy. This bumper case comes with an aluminum alloy frame, which means it is quite sturdy and good looking from the outside. Plus, it has a TPU inner lining to ensure that your iPhone is protected from drops and scuffs.

eastcoo aluminum bumper case iPhone 12

The case also features a raised lip design to ensure that your iPhone’s display or cameras don’t get scratched up whenever you place it on a flat surface. Similar to most other iPhone 12 bumper cases, this case also doesn’t interfere with MagSafe wireless charging, which is an added bonus.

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

5. i-Blasion Ares

If you are looking for an iPhone 12 /12 Pro case offers a 360° safeguard to your iPhone against impact and scratches, look no further than i-Blasion Ares. Boasting an exceptionally rugged frame, the case can absorb even nasty shocks with very little effort.

i-Blason Ares Case for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 Inch

The hybrid construction (TPU and PC) i-Blasion Ares is touted to withstand drops of up to 20 feet. What’s more, it also comes with a built-in screen protector for your iPhone 12/12 Pro and elevated bezels to guard the rear camera bump against scratches, which make it probably the best iPhone 12/12 Pro rugged case in the market.

Buy from Amazon: $17.99

6. SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series

Both in terms of enduring shock and making a form-fitting match with the iPhone 12, SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series has looked up to the mark to me. The hybrid casing (PC and TPU) ensures the case can withstand accidental drops, while the rubberized sides provide the much-needed hold.

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case Designed for iPhone 12 (2020) / iPhone 12 Pro (2020) 6.1 Inch

The elevated lips around the OLED display and the rear camera make sure scratches aren’t able to hurt the smartphone. So, you can place your device on a flat surface without worrying about scratches.

Protection aside, Unicorn Beetle Style Series features responsive buttons and comes in two color variants namely black and clear. Overall, it’s a highly durable bumper case for your iPhone 12.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

7. Torras

Another iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro bumper case that I would recommend you to check out, the Torras Diamond Clear case offers military grade protection to your iPhone. All while ensuring that you can show off your iPhone 12’s color and design to the maximum extent.

According to Torras’ tests, the case can protect your iPhone from drops from up to 8 feet, which should prove enough protection for most users. It also features a 1.2mm raised camera lips as well as 1mm raised bezel around the display to protect both the cameras and the display from getting scratches.

torras diamond case iPhone 12

Moreover, the Torras Diamond Clear case comes with anti-yellowing coating, which will ensure that your case looks brand new for longer.

Buy from Amazon: $19.98

8. Matone

This offering from Matone is the sort of bumper case that tends to pass the test at the very first glance. Equipped with a rugged construction (made of hard PC back and TPU bumper), the bumper case offers trusted defense to your iPhone against random drops and scratches.

Matone Compatible with iPhone 12 Case, Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Case 6.1-Inch (2020)

The incorporation of elevated edges works as extra shields for the rear camera and the 6.1″ OLED display. Thanks to the rubberized frame coupled with the textured finish, the case also offers a better grip so that the device can remain steady in the hands.

Priced $10, it’s also quite affordable as compared to other iPhone 12 bumper cases. Taking everything into account, Matone is a durable bumper cover that can offer essential protection to your device while still keeping the elegance of your device intact.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99


It’s the pretty compact form-factor that has compelled me to include ANHONG bumper case for iPhone 12 in this roundup. Featuring a durable construction (PC and TPU), the case can comfortably take on random drops. And with the beveled edges ready to guard both the camera and the Retina display, it looks fully equipped to be a trusted shield for your iPhone.

ANHONG Clear Frame Bumper Case Compatible with iPhone 12:12 Pro 6.1 inch

As for grip, you can count on the rubberized frame to offer a secure hold. As a result, there is less chance of your iPhone slipping out of your palm. Beyond protection, it also has tactile buttons and exact cutouts so that accessing ports remain easy-going for you.

Considering these impressive specs, ANHONG seems to be a safe bet at $11. Long story short, it’s one of the best iPhone 12 thin cases you can buy right now.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99

10. Miracase Glass+

Last but not least, Miracase Glass+ is a complete bumper case for your iPhone. And with complete, I mean the case that checks off all the important boxes. For starters, it has a solid construction that can take on drops without breaking a sweat. For additional safeguard against scuffs, it comes with a highly protective tempered glass screen protector.

Miracase Glass+ Case for iPhone 12: iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 inch

Equipped with 9H hardness, the screen guard is designed to keep even ugly scratches at bay. Besides, it also offers HD clarity and true touch sensitivity to let you use your device without any problem.

Notably, Miracase Glass+ also supports wireless charging so that charging the iPhone wirelessly will never be a hassle. Keeping in mind these features, the case and glass combo make it a reasonably good buy at $19. To sum up, it’s a top-notch iPhone 12/12 Pro bumper case that delivers a 360° shield to your device.

Buy from Amazon: $18.99

Top Bumper Cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Lined Up for You

There you go! So, these are the best bumper cases designed to offer a trusted shield to your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro without sacrificing the style quotient. Besides, these bumper suits also work with wireless chargers to let the device charge wirelessly without any issues.

By the way, which one of these bumper covers are going to pair with your iPhone 12? I guess it’s the one that delivers a 360° shield to your device. It would be great to check your top picks in the comments section below.

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